Emotional independence creator

My mission is to help people to overcome love addiction with appropriate methods. I did it, current leaders in the world did it and people that I have coached did it. You can do it too!

Who is Nassim ?






More information about my way

I make videos, I post also on the social network about that I have learned and which allowed me to let go with the love addiction. But feel free to ask you who is really Nassim. I am an human like you and you can know more 😉

Elements that I would have liked to have...

A tailored coaching

During your life experience, I coach you in your actions, I share you tips that worked which I tested by myself and motivates you even during the tough moments.

Convenient tools

During your process, you will have access to practical tools to apply your autonomy. These tools are keeping up to date and will save you a lot of time.

A long term vision

It is not only a coaching on a given time, it is above all an emotional independence in the long term. If a lot of people could find it, you can too.

An hour of coaching session to test

It's available and free on the website !

Thanks to the humanization of the digital age, whatever it is in your geographical location, you can test a one-hour video coaching session for free.

Many people did it

Why not you ?

I am not asking you to believe me, but first of all to test and look at the results of the people I have coached on this page.



To get started everything is available on the site, if you want to find me, meet me in real life, follow what I do or just ask me your questions, I am also available on social networks.